How Whitley Residences Became Best Voted Landed Property in District 11 Singapore

Searching for landed properties for ages and still not satisfied yet? None of this is to mention the easily accessed gym and outdoor fitness area. If you feel even remotely worried that living in such a place of luxury as the Whitley Residences would cause you to become lazy and unhealthy, feel assured that there is ample opportunity for exercise and optimal physical health in the gym and fitness area. These are all besides the wonders that the Whitley Residences will do for your mental health that only its pristine environment and surroundings could assure. The lap pool is another facility that will encourage your physical well-being, as well as the great deal of fun and enjoyment you will be having and experiencing.Several other excellent facilities include the children’s wading pool, the sun deck, the hot spa, Jacuzzi, and aqua gym! These all will contribute to your mental and physical well-being at Whitley Residences. Your children will always have something to do at the pool, you will always have a place to relax on the sun deck, and if you ever feel stressed you will always have the option of taking it easy at the hot spa or soaking it up in the Jacuzzi. These residences also have a place for those who prefer to get their exercise in the water: the aqua gym. It is almost a ridiculous prospect that someone could feel that the Whitley do not have enough excellent facilities.This is is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who could refuse all this? There is a children’s playground for your children to relax in, a mediation garden for times of deep contemplation, and even a wine chiller for wine enthusiasts.

Whitley Residences truly has it all. lf you are interested in ensuring an excellent education for you or your loved ones at any of the nearby prestigious schools, Whitley Residences is for you. If you are interested in always having a constant source of either entertainment or relaxation then Whitley Residences is for you. If you love to exercise both in the water and at the gym, then Whitley Residences is for you. If you want to ensure a better future for your family, Whitley Residence is for you!These condos have something for everyone, and it is imperative that you at least consider investing in them when they open next year. The 40 meter pool, aqua gym, sun deck, wine chiller, and Jacuzzi all wait you. Please take note of this unique and wonderful opportunity and do not let it pass you or your family by. If you want great food, easy access to fantastic schools, a short distance away from convenient train and bus routes, and wonderful living, then make sure you consider Whitley Residences.There are only 58 Semi Detached Houses and 3 Terraces so consider investing in Whitley Residences today! For more information, you may visit . The Whitley Residences are located at 121 Whitley Road, Singapore 297813 in District 11.enthusiasts.