Choosing the perfect condo for your family

Here at The Terrace Executive Condomimium, playgrounds for children are also available. We’re sure you would want your kid to be more like a play person, and not just sitting home with an electronic device in his hand. Well, you can send him to the amazing playground that he can go to, at all times.
The Terrace EC is the place to get you spoiled for a little relaxation and peace so that you ask more and more of it by every passing day. It is something that will help you at your work too, by the peace of mind and the broad space available to challenge your creative powers. Yes, the nature and a happy life are big helpers at your work and your relationships too.

The indoor gym, the tennis court, the jogging trail, the fitness center, the adventure fitness, we have everything here at Waking up to a pretty scenery and then flexing those arms to get a good dip in the water or to have good swings at the tennis courts. Taking care of your health is a necessity and we make sure that we assist you with it fully. And the tasty and mouth – watering international cuisines, artisan bakeries and the cafe’s are all around the corner of this beautiful place. Life is a party here at this punggol EC.
Two barbecue areas are available at all times for those late nights with your friends and family to enjoy your life here. promises for a clean and healthy environment at all times. As you walk around you will see how we have tried to fulfil all your needs and kept the surroundings clean and up to date at all times. We keep ‘you’ before us.
The quick access to the railway station near The Terrace Executive Condomimium is a boon to everybody who chooses to stay here. Eliminating the expenses of travelling towards railway stations and public transports at least twice or thrice a day, everyday, is a great way to save up and invest somewhere more efficient. A one -time buy and you can count the number of facilities that you would be getting at this Edgedale Plains condo.
So, to sum up all the facilities and benefits provided by:

1. Lush greenery and close proximity to nature at every second of your life. 2. An infinity edge pool. 3. Beautiful mornings everyday.
we finally get here :
4. Schools at a convenient walking distance so that the traveling expenses are reduced and also the kid would get more time with the family.
5. The market is around the corner, which provides satisfied sighs from our customers.
6. Playground for your kid to keep him close to nature.
7. The railway station is at close proximity to The Terrace, which provides the benefit of saving all that huge amount of money that gets wasted on other public transport, like the city cab. The charge more than what the distance actually demands.
8. We have shopping malls at just 3-4 minutes’ drive. Anything better?
9. Clean and healthy environment at all times.

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