Benefits of owning Macpherson Mall unit

Developed by reputed LVND investments Pte Ltd(Subsidiary of Oxley Holdings )and designed by AD Lab Pte Ltd. Macpherson Mall (M2) is an upcoming hotel cum shopping mall development project.Located in District 13 at 401 Macpherson Road,Singapore 368125, Macpherson Mall (M2) will be the first and only shopping center at Macpherson, Singapore. With a hotel of 301 rooms as well as 57 shops & 29 restaurants, Macpherson Mall is mainly for retail and Food & Beverage outlets rental and sale. As being located at the center of the country it is one the best destination for a business startup. The retail space can be molded according to individual needs. By investing at Macpherson Mall it is guaranteed that you will be able to reap a great return on your investment.

Macpherson Mall is also knows as M2 is expected TOP(Temporary Occupation Permit) by 2018.1t will have shops and restaurants at Basement, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor. The Business Hotel will own the above 6 levels. The Business Hotel will be facing the Upper Aljunied Road with Coach Drop Off Point with over 102 car parking lots.There will also be a Oasis on top of the podium.
Reasons for considering investing in Macpherson Mall

1) Benefit of Good Location:-
Macpherson Mall:- is situated near business hubs like Paya Lebar and Tai Seng , so it is guaranteed to expect huge volume of human traffic which is a great environment for business to flourish.Also being in a prominent location development is guaranteed to take place which in turn will increase the investment value. MNCs such as Toshiba, Siemens,SPH and Infineons are located near the vicinity, hence Macpherson Mall will gain a great deal of benefits from the surrounding communities and business.

2) Benefit of accessibility:-
Macpherson Mall is situated right in the middle of the Macpherson Road and the Upper Aljunied Road leading to greater customer flow. As being well connected to the Major Expressways and Major Roads like CTE(Central Expressway), PIE(Pan Island Expressway) & KPE( Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway) it connected to other parts of the island. With the upcoming MRT station Mattar it is assured that commuting will be a breeze.

3) Benefit of Iconic Design:-
With a great majestic and futuristic architectural design Macpherson Mall is guaranteed to be an eye catcher. With no other malls in the near surrounding and combined with such an unique and iconic look Macpherson Mall will be the next shopping and entertainment center in the city. Being well equipped with recreational facilities like Swimming pool, Outdoor Gym, Pool Side Dinning and other Hotel Facilities Macpherson Mall is bound to attract huge volume of customers.

4) Benefit of freehold property:-
Freehold property are the best type of investment compared to leasehold property. As you being the owner of the property you enjoy all the legal rights associated with the property. Being a Freehold property it is guaranteed to increase your investment several folds as you being the owner will be entitled to all the profits. As there is no competitor the value of the property is sure to go high.

5) Benefit of return on investment:-
Macpherson Mall is destined to be a great investment opportunity as being a commercial investment as this place has a great rental demand. Commercial investments generally have a high return depending upon the area also their price are set to be reasonable as they are not regulated by cooling measures like tight loans & additional buyer stamp duty. This investment will be beneficial both in short term as well as long term.